Vehicle insurance

Whether it’s a run of the mill car or motorbike through to the most exotic, high performance vehicle, we can provide the right cover be it for a commercial or private use. From vintage and classic cars through to the latest models our policies can be fitted to meet your needs. Even modified vehicles can be covered as can drivers who might normally have difficulty finding insurance e.g. underage drivers, learner license drivers, loss of license & DIC drivers. 

Platinum Auto Insurance for Premium Vehicle and Track Day Cover Platinum Auto Insurance is a New Zealand-owned and operated company with a mission to provide the most comprehensive insurance protection for prestige motor vehicles and classic or vintage cars older than 25 years. 

Taxis, Couriers, Shuttles, Uber & Zoomy Policies specifically designed for taxi, courier and shuttle operators where cover can include the following: 

  • Taxi accessories – including the cost to remove and reinstall undamaged equipment
  • Hoists and lifts – insured separately from the vehicle to protect your interests
  • Loss of use – including a daily payment should a replacement vehicle not be available
  • Public and statutory liability
  • Carriers liability
  • Airport liability
  • Income protection Uber & Zoomy drivers can have difficulty finding policies to cover them as they fall in the grey-zone between private and commercial vehicles. 

    We can offer:
  •  Special rates for Uber and Zoomy only drivers
  • Airport liability cover
  • Loss of use cover – including a daily payment should a replacement vehicle not be available

 Commercial Vehicles Most good commercial vehicle policies provide very similar cover for the vehicle repair, where they differ is in the extensions such as choice of repairer, mutually agreed assessor, loss of use, road clearing and hazardous substance removal costs.